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CLF Ministries has several outreaches in the community that may be of interest to you; jail ministry, missions, drama, mercy team, and bus program. There are also many ministry opportunities at the church. If you are seeking a local church, we invite you to join us and become part of the family of God here at CLF. We simply want to say…

Welcome Home

Christian Love Fellowship is:

  • Equipping people to live a devoted life to Christ
  • Sharing the Word of God with non-believers by introducing them to Jesus
  • Loving God with all of our strength
  • Encouraging people to join our family and making them feel welcome
  • And, standing in unity, we are preparing God’s Saints for the work of the ministry

Movie Premier 

We will be hosting a premier for the movie Hoovey. It will be at the church for the small price of $5.

   For More Information or to Purchase Tickets Click Here


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